Lettuce be Friends

About Me

(Pronounced ooo-A-zon). Why hello there… I enjoy listening to Snow Patrol, Simon & Garfunkel, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons, Fun, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, The Fratellis and other stuff. I am very antisocial hence the fact that I have more tumblr friends than real life friends. If you see me I’ll probably be hiding in a corner laughing at the people walking by or just sitting on the floor while spinning in circles- I’m very awkward. I love legos, which is why I have so much calluses in my fingertips. I am half Canadian, so I’ll attempt to show my heritage by saying “eh” or “aboot” in random situations. I have a male pet turtle, and I spend my spare time wondering what it’d be like to be a dinosaur. By now I’ve probably bored you half to death, so I’ll just say; Enjoy my blog and taa taa for now! (p.s. feel free to message me!) 

Full list of fandoms I belong to: